Hello friends!

Intuitive Mind is designed to inspire, uplift, and create a safe space for you to shed stress, fatigue, pain, and judgement. And most importantly to realize that you are enough!

Wendy Ong is a certified RTT therapist and a Kundalini Yoga Meditation instructor.  She is passionate about helping people to overcome their limitations, get rid of the unwanted unconscious habits, unlock their hidden potentials.  Her passion of studying consciousness, mind, emotions, and behaviors had given her the knowledge and tools to help clients to understand that change is possible and the process can be effortless by clearing out the inner conflicts and blocks first.  She guides her clients with this knowledge combines with her intuition and compassion. 


What’s like to work with me?

I am here to give you a transformational experience that will attain self-realization which will uncover your truest, highest potential and to develop the unconditional self-love.  Teaching you techniques that will help you to integrate, so you will feel empowered and free to create the most authentic life that represents the best version of yourself. 


Fear of change (letting go)? I totally get it.

Sometimes we don’t want to let go of certain things, people in our lives even though they might be toxic, however, it feels comfortable and familiar.  

…Or perhaps a part of you believe by letting go of that, you might end up attracting more pain.

…Or you haven’t figured out the “perfect plan” so the timing isn’t right.  Fear of failure. 

However, staying the same is making you feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed and stressed. 

That’s why I am here to help and support you through the process because I know change (letting go) is possible and it can be done effortlessly, just need some guidance, knowledge and useful tools. 


Price & Location

As your success is my best intention, I offer different packages to support your needs. Please schedule a phone call so we can discuss what would be the best package for you. 

My office is located in New York City. However, I also see clients online via Zoom (it works just as effectively as in person). If you live outside of the New York area, we can still make it work.


Schedule a phone call today to learn about each other and what you need to determine how I can best help. 


me & my why

After many years of my own suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, certain health conditions, and relationship issue. I dived deep into studying different personal development and healing modalities because I am not a fan of conventional medical treatments.
The self-healing journey began with the intention that I was determined to heal myself and I wanted to be happy. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with world-renowned teachers.
I healed myself from childhood trauma, got rid of limited beliefs and developed unconditional self-love. I have now found my life's true purpose, which is why I created my own practice, Intuitive Mind.

I am now passionate to help and teach it to others as I know that change (letting go) is possible and I can relate. If you are suffering but yet still hopeful, let’s connect.


  • Certified in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy)

  • Certified in Hypnotherapy

  • Member of International Association of Counselors and Therapists

  • Certified in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor Level One

  • Member of eFundYourHealth - Funding Complimentary and Alternative Medicine